Custom Insert Counter Mats, Desk Window Insert Countermats

Custom Insert Counter Mats, Desk Window Insert Countermats

Custom insert counter mats, Desk Window Insert Countermats

A long lasting insert counter mat with the versatility of having a clear window to insert and display special offers or information which is easily changeable.
With a PVC hard surface there will be no de-lamination or scratching.

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1.Desk window insert countermats are a high quality promotional countermat and give you the option of inserting your customers photographs or your clients product flyers or pricelists into it.


2.This Desk window insert countermats gives you the flexibility that your clients need. Therefore these Desk window insert countermats are most likely to stay with your customer for longer.
3.Available in any size up to 300mm x 480mm, this frosted, hard PVC surface is reverse printed with any of our base types and a large protected window for you or your customer to insert any relevant photos or images. Anything is possible, from your own promotional images to useful/instructional tips to your customers family photos. What could be more looked at!
4. These practical promotional products are an effective way of promoting to a broad or corporate audience, and can easily be sent out in direct mail outs.
5.Desk window insert countermats successfully engage your audience by giving them a useful promotional tool that will be placed on everyone’s desk and thus your brand loyalty and brand awareness will be enhanced.
6.Desk window insert countermats are an innovative way to promote your brand, and will make a fabulous addition to any IT, or Office promotion, and are perfect for in-house branding.
7.Desk window insert countermats make durable, long lasting and cost effective promotional products or marketing material because your customers will be able to use and rely on them everyday.