How to make rubber power

how will China become the rubber power edit : this station
A few days ago, China Rubber & Chinese rubber industry exhibition held in Qingdao, meeting, China Rubber Industry Association President Fan Rende forecast, this year China rubber industry gross value of industrial output, sales revenue growth rate will reach about 18%, export growth will be maintained at around 28%, the industry as a whole is expected to show steady growth, structural adjustment will progress.
Fan Rende expresses, at present, the rubber industry profit pressures continue to increase, the profit level is very difficult to have a big improvement. The reason is the rubber and other major raw materials prices will remain high concussion, the industry a greater impact; factor of production costs continued to rise; energy saving and emission reduction requirements continue to improve and the green industry standardization, enterprise will give greater cost.
According to prospective industry Research Institute of Rubber Industry Research Institute Zhou Chengyu analysis, the future of China’s rubber industry is facing the opportunity and challenge coexist. On one hand, the global economic uncertainties increase, China’s economic growth will fall further, to our country the development of the rubber industry brings more challenges; on the other hand, in the country ” advance steadily” policy, China rubber industry in the new materials, new energy vehicles, information industry and other aspects, as well as in the overseas emerging market still have development opportunity.
To this, Fan Rende thinks, rubber industry needs to carry out new material development strategy, the strategy of circular economy, the diversification of market strategy and low carbon economy strategy 10 strategies, truly build a rubber power.